Refrigerant Rule Revisions: Is Your Facility Prepared?

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Kirk Lowery

NE Regional Director

Refrigerant Rule Revisions: Is Your Facility Prepared?

Recent amendments to the Montreal Protocol and U.S. EPA refrigerant management regulations in 40 CFR Part 82 will significantly impact refrigerant compliance programs at industrial, institutional, and commercial facilities.

The revised provisions contain numerous substantial updates, including extending the requirements to cover substitute refrigerants that do not contain ODS, lowering the leak rate thresholds that trigger repair requirements, adding leak inspection or monitoring requirements, adding numerous recordkeeping requirements, as well as numerous other updates with phased compliance deadlines of 1/1/2017, 1/1/2018, and 1/1/2019.

In this discussion we cover:

  1. Proposed HFC phase-out timelines and recent Significant New Alternatives Policy Program Delistings
  2. EPA’s refrigerant management regulations Changes
  3. Upcoming compliance deadlines and enforcement - Current situations and considerations for the future
  4. Impact on refinery environmental compliance programs


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Presenter: Kirk Lowery Trinity Consultants, the Director of Trinity Consultants’ Northeast Region, as well as the company’s expert on refrigerant management requirements. He leads Trinity’s refrigerant compliance services through the execution of compliance audits and the development of compliance management programs driven by 40 CFR 82 regulations.

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