Organizational Behavior and Corporate Culture: The impact on Safety Management and Practices

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Judith Erickson


Organizational Behavior and Corporate Culture: The impact on Safety Management and Practices

Join Dr. Judith Erickson, Dave Rebbitt and Jim Loud as they discuss the impact Organizational Behavior and Corporate Culture has on Safety Management and Practices. 

This discussion will provide a brief history of these developments and relate them to our current state of knowledge, thereby providing a better understanding of the dynamics of safety performance. 

During this discussion we will cover: 

- Creating a foundational understanding of Organizational Behavior and Corporate Culture 
- Reviewing of how history during and since the Industrial Revolution has impacted organizational and safety management practices. 
- Looking at how psychology and sociology influenced the development of psychosocial factors, thereby impacting current organizational and safety practices. 


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Kamran Akhavan Attari's picture
Kamran Akhavan ...

Thank you for great presentation in Intelex webinar,
During recent years, safety related issues in aviation industry have had a satisfactory gross in research, management and training. Much attention has been paid to writing regulations and dissemination of the standards, the challenge of training and e-learning in the system of aviation, but language itself as the tool of these activities has been disregarded. The questions are:
• Are all the contents of these issued documents interpreted in the right way? How deeply did those information and recommendations influence aviation staffs that do not have English as their native language?
• Is the process of knowing, understanding, and learning of the content of these documents in non-English speaking Countries and English speaking countries the same?
• How useful are Linguistic Studies in the area of safety management?

Language influences all three safety defenses in aviation: technology, training and regulations. Language directly influences the efficiency of people in aviation workplaces; Workforce stability, qualifications and experience. An insufficient understanding of the hazards underlying aviation operations is a fundamental factor that has a strong negative influence on other factors.
Best regards,
Kamran Akhavan Attari

August 14, 2017 @ 03:29 AM EDT
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Tamara Parris

The Dissenting Voice.” Here is the link http://aeasseincludes.asse.org/professionalsafety/pastissues/058/04/F3Re...


August 17, 2017 @ 10:15 AM EDT