Meltdown: New Book on Failures in Processes, Systems, Organizations, and Elsewhere

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Meltdown: New Book on Failures in Processes, Systems, Organizations, and Elsewhere

Ever wonder why it feels like you're constantly running into Murphy's Law at the workplace, society, and in your personal life?  To help understand why, we need to examine the complexity and linkages of intertwined systems that affect us and how human psychology influences and contributes to the risks that we encounter and need to mitigate.  András Tilcsik and Chris Clearfield have published "Meltdown" that analyzes complex systems, failures in organizations, stock markets, and catastrophes and why they occur and what we can do about it.  To learn more check out the video!

Video: https://youtu.be/0Wi8KA4I34s

Book Page: https://www.rethinkrisk.net/

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