Industrial Hygiene Program Design and Challenges

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Industrial Hygiene Program Design and Challenges

In this webinar, we continue our discussion about fighting work-related disease with Industrial Hygiene, which claims the lives of 2.4 million people around the world annually.

In our webinar “Industrial Hygiene Program Design and Challenges”, Zaheen Fatima, Health Solutions Product Manager at Intelex, explores the design and challenges of developing an Industrial Hygiene (IH) program in the workplace. She shares how to develop a program for your organization to combat work-related diseases.

You’ll learn about:

  • Types of health hazards
  • Shift from Exposure MonitoringtoTotal Worker Health
  • The structured decision-making process for risk assessments
  • IH Program framework
  • Various electronic tools to manage an IH program


Zaheen Fatima's previous article;"Exposure to Hazardous Substances: What the EU Is Doing and How your Company Can Keep Up" and webinar "What is Industrial Hygiene Anyway?".


Zaheen Fatima, Product Manager
Zaheen Fatima is a Product Manager at Intelex specializing in healthcare management and information technology. She has a thorough knowledge of processes and workflows in the various departments of hospitals and clinical practices. She is also an expert in gathering, analyzing and defining business and functional requirements; creating metrics, trend charts, and other decision-making tools; and designing or re-engineering processes, workflows, and solutions for healthcare systems.

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