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Implementing a Wellness Program needs a practical guide

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Rick Demaray CRSP

Health Wellness & Safety Coordinator

Implementing a Wellness Program needs a practical guide

A Wellness program provides employees with knowledge and opportunities to learn preventative measures that will help them avoid illness. It also will assist with improving and maintaining the general health of the company's employees.

Most Wellness programs include activities like weight-loss competitions, tobacco-cessation programs, company-sponsored exercise, health screenings ansd educational seminars. These are designed to encourage workers to have living habits that will improve their overall physical health. Having an on-site wellness program is important because employees spend the majoity of their time at work.

If you're looking for more information on this topic please have a look at my other larger post about the purpose and objectives of a wellness committee. Click the link:

The template file below will provide an example of a Wellness Program Strategic Plan your team can use.

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