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Fall Protection Equipment Check - What are we looking for?

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Bob Whitfield

Fall Protection Team Leader at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Fall Protection Equipment Check - What are we looking for?

Here are 5 critical areas to review before anyone starts work.

  1. Read manufacturers documentation: Best way to know how to properly use, set up, install, maintain, house and when to replace either your equipment and harnesses is by reviewing, and knowing the manufactures documentation.
  2. Understand tasks being performed: Understand of what tasks the person will be required to do will determine what characteristics and accessories the harness must have (and associated connecting devices) to ensure it is the correct equipment for the worksite purpose.
  3. Know your worker: It is important to know the gender, weight and height of the person wearing the harness because there are different harness types, fall protection equipment set ups and connecting devices to be used with different body types.
  4. Check equipment before use: Every time equipment is used it undergoes load and exposure stresses such as outdoor elements that will erode the integrity. Go over everything Lanyard, Anchorage, Harness includes D-rings, buckles, grommets or other hardware for signs of deformity. Many incidents could have been avoided with routine housekeeping checks.
  5. Check and test your anchorage points: Consider your fall protection your teams lifesaving systems. Knowing proper anchorage points is critical. Review a) Clearance Space > OSHA requirements b) Calculate Clearance > ANSI Z359.6 c) Hazards to consider


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