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Best Environmental Management Practice for the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Sector

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Best Environmental Management Practice for the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Sector

This report describes information pertinent to the development of Best Environmental Management Practice (BEMP) techniques for the Sectoral Reference Document on the food and beverage manufacturing sector, to be produced by the European Commission according to Article 46 of Regulation (EC) No 1221/2009 (EMAS Regulation).

The report firstly outlines scientific information on the contribution of food and beverage manufacturing to key environmental burdens in the EU, alongside data on the economic relevance of the sector. Afterwards it presents best environmental management practices which are broadly applicable to all food and beverage manufacturers.


The carrying out of an environmental assessment, sustainable supply chain management, cleaning operations, improvement of energy efficiency, use of renewable energies, optimisation of transport and distribution, refrigeration and freezing operations and avoidance of food waste are the topics covered. Subsequently, specific information for nine individual subsectors are presented, namely the processing of coffee, manufacture of olive oil, manufacture of soft drinks, manufacture of beer, production of meat and poultry meat products, manufacture of fruit juice, cheese making operations, manufacture of bread, biscuits and cakes and manufacture of wine. A range of best environmental management practices that can be applied in each of them are described. 

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