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How do we get Top Management into the conversation of integrating H&S into the business strategy?

What processes/arguments are needed to engage top management in a discussion around integration of Health and Safety within their business strategy? 

November 05, 2017 @ 12:12 PM EST Health & Safety, Quality

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As safety professionals we focus on injury free compliance as our only goal. We as a group have to see the management's focus. They focus on profit. Our successful programs will provide them with higher profits through cost savings. If you want to have your manager/CEO/President's attention show him a way to make his bottom line bigger. Each year hundreds of us provide our employers with cost savings through lower worker's compensation costs, lower retraining costs, and less absent employee cost. Yet when we speak with our management we talk about our safety performance. They want to talk dollars and we don't do it. We have the ammunition but we don't use it. Talk dollars to them. Show them what an injury to a key player could cost in both direct and indirect costs. Show them the premium savings of a program without injuries. Show them the increased quality and production that workers can provide if they feel true concern. Then they will be interested in what a safety program can do for them.

November 09, 2017 @ 10:05
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I am anxious to hear from HSE professionals who have done this successfully. I have found while working across many companies that the first barrier is the tendency of the HSE function to separate itself from operations. This happened as a natural outcome of management's focus on numbers. Where management assumes leadership of HSE, this does not occur. There will always be a need for HSE knowledge expertise, but much of the bureaucratic administration adds little value as new research is showing (See video "Safety Differently" on youtube.) Should we disband HSE as we know it? I'd like to see MBA programs introduce HSE awareness into business education. I'd like to see CEO's include HSE into their leadership development.

November 09, 2017 @ 09:36
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