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Feedback on the EHS Incident Management Application

Does anyone use the EHS Incident Management Application? I'd like to hear feedback on other companies experiences with the Application, both good and bad, before my company begins using it.

March 19, 2019 @ 07:46 AM EDT Document Control, Environment, Health & Safety, Risk Management

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We've been pretty happy with it.  Most of the complaints that users have are more to do with the fact that properly documenting and investigating safety incidents is a lot of work.

In my oppinion the most annoying thing with Intelex compared to using a different EHS management system is the load time.  When you are used to an application running on your computer and pulling data from a local network, waiting 1-3 seconds when you go to another section or want to see the employee list seems like a hastle.  Realistically though, 15 seconds of loading throughout the middle of a large form that takes at least 10 minutes to complete is not that big a deal... maybe I'm just impatient.

I am assuming you don't already have a thorough incident reporting and investigation system, or at least not one that is in use.  Both the original implementation and several years later when we rolled it out to a few sister companies this was the case.  If so, your main difficulty is not with the system itself but with getting buy-in from your production group to simply be willing to record and follow-up on incidents at all.

(1) For the first year or so user adoption is paramount.  So, when a floor supervisor fills out an incident investigation that doesn't make much sense - the EHS manager should go ahead and accept the investigation and complement them on doing it at all.  Once people are in the habit of actually reporting every incident and filling something in, you can start training them on how to do proper investigations and rejecting things that are not properly filled out.  If the slow and steady approach isn't acceptable then it is absolutely critical that you have true and complete commitment from upper management.

(2) The biggest advantage of Intelex over other EHS systems is how easy it is to customize.  Every company is different and "industry best practice" doesn't make sense in every case.  However, it is also easy to over-customize things.  There were numerous cases where we added, removed, or changed things before implementing a module and found ourselves having to change things back to the original setup because we didn't understand how that would really affect what people are doing.

(2b) Also, by introducing the module a bit closer to the out-of-box configuration you can make changes at request of the users.  Being able to effectively respond to legitimate complaints and suggestions helps tremendously not just with the direct benefits of the sugestions but also to improve user attitude towards the system (both the Intelex system, and the new procedures of reporting and tracking incidents that you didn't used to).


March 22, 2019 @ 18:08
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