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FAQ – Can you please explain why some questions on Community do not get Answered, and WHO answers these questions!

Hi Members,

A  FAQ  I get is:  why do some questions get answered, and others do not on the Customer Community?

The intent of our Intelex Customer Community is to provide our customer users 24 hour access to free product help and learning resources, and access to a peer-to-peer support forum formed by bringing together our 5,900 customer user network.

Think of the Customer Community as an alternative method to get free help, while understanding it is separate from our paid Support Ticketing and Consultant Services.

As a customer you can leverage this larger customer network, at no extra cost, to share ideas, resources and get your questions answered by other Intelex customers using the system.   

If you need a bit of help with getting other members to respond to your question or idea posts; please @tamaraparris , and I will jump in to try and pull other members into your conversation. I do try to respond in a timely manner, which means usually within the day of the @mention notification I receive.

I hope you will join in to strengthen our community P-2-P support network by offering your application experience, sharing your code snippets, templates and screenshots, and other application resources with your customer peers.

The power of our Customer Community lays in everyone sharing their knowledge.

August 20, 2018 @ 12:05 PM EDT

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