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Which pressure cooker is best for health? Steel or Aluminum

Sahil Bhatt

A staple to any kitchen, a pressure cooker is an important part of cooking in India. But how do you decide which one is the best pressure cooker in India? Or which one is the best suited for your needs?

Should you buy an aluminum cooker or is a steel cooker better? Which is the best pressure cooker brand in India? These questions can easily stress anyone out but don’t you fret anymore!

We are here to help you make the right choice. Let’s find out the primary differences between a steel and an aluminum pressure cooker and how they can cater to your cooking needs. 

Aluminum Pressure Cooker

To figure out the true nature of an aluminum pressure cooker and whether it is the best pressure cooker in India or not, let’s find out the pros and cons: 


  • Firstly, this is relatively cheaper compared to a stainless steel pressure cooker. The perfect choice of cooker if you’re looking for a cost-effective cooking experience.
  • Secondly, aluminum is an amazing conductor of electricity and one of the most effective conductors of heat among all metals. This leads to the faster cooking of food saving you time in the kitchen. 
  • Since aluminum is a lightweight material, it is easy to carry from place to place. It’s lightweight also makes it easier while cooking.
  • Lastly, if you live with a big family, it’s better to get an aluminum pressure cooker. This is because it is an excellent conductor of electricity and lightweight, making cooking quicker and the size of the cooker larger respectively.



  • Since the material is thinner, it does not last long. It only has a short lifespan.
  • It is also prone to staining, scratching, and rusting 

The best pressure cooker brand in India makes models in aluminum material, which are easily available in the market. 


Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Further to understanding which pressure cooker is better, let’s read about the pros and cons of a stainless steel pressure cooker. 


  • First of all, the most appealing feature of this pressure cooker is the heavy-duty material that is stainless steel. It lasts way longer than its aluminum counterparts and can be used for years together without significant damages. 
  • Also, it is very easy to clean owing to its resistance to rusting and scratching.
  • Another important feature of this pressure cooker is that it is less prone to burning food even if you cook on high flames for a prolonged period. 
  • While other pressure cookers may cook faster, cooking in a stainless steel pressure cooker retains the food nutrients much more and produces high-quality food.

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  • It is costlier compared to aluminum pressure cookers.
  • Also, a stainless steel pressure cooker is a less-effective conductor of heat compared to aluminum.
  • The time taken in cooking is higher than the other counterparts. 


The Verdict

While an aluminum cooker has some great qualities to make it the best pressure cooker in India, the stainless steel one wins due to its durability, longer lifespan, and higher quality of food.

December 07, 2020 @ 07:02 AM EST

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