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What is Quality 4.0? 

Nicole Radziwill

Imagine what it would be like to be “organizationally omniscient.” At any moment, you can access any information you can dream of about your organization, from wherever you happen to be sitting -- at your desk, in your kitchen, or even on an airplane. You can peek into the status of your supply chain, and find out exactly where inputs to your process are located… kind of like when you’re waiting for your Lyft or Uber, and search for the moving car icons on your local map. 

In addition to this amazing level of real-time visibility and transparency, imagine taking it one step further and anticipating process and product issues before they happen. You can trigger contingency plans, adapt to environmental changes, and discover and prioritize opportunities for continuous improvement based on anticipated impact and the potential for reduced risk. 

This is not just a dream -- it’s the vision for Quality 4.0: 

  • How can we leverage connected, automated, intelligent systems -- networks of humans and machines -- to make processes more efficient and effective, save time and money, and produce better products more consistently?  
  • How can we use these technologies to connect and empower individuals to better achieve the organization’s goals? 

Intelligent systems - autonomous, reactive, proactive, social, adaptive technologies, many of which are software-based - can help you increase the speed and quality of decision-making. Although the idea originated in the German manufacturing industry in 2011 and 2012, Quality 4.0 technologies can be employed in any industry that produces products, provides services, or aims to satisfy customers. These technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), applied machine learning (ML), cloud services, mobile applications and wearables, recommendation systems, and other decision support tools. 

Make sure you’re prepared: the foundation for Quality 4.0 is a cloud-based quality management system that can serve as the nexus for your quality data and records. 


August 07, 2018 @ 05:13 PM EDT Quality

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