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What is CompTIA network+ Certification

Bipasha Zaman

Technology has truly elevated to the world. It has escalated the physically growing world and has turned it into a completely digital world. We can see that it has revolutionized the entire world into something no one had imagined decades ago. In the 21st century, we can say that we live in a digital world, and Technology is responsible for the digitalization of the world. We are completely surrounded by technology, and our life is functional and dependent on the usage of technological gadgets. It has created a great impact analysis as it would be extremely difficult for us to function without the help of technological gadgets in today's scenario. The prime goal of Technology was to make human life more effortless and easy, and currently, we can truly say that Technology has served its purpose.

But Technology has also provided a platform for the growth of something very evil. As more and more people have started to use technological gadgets for their usage, the number of Cybercriminals in the world has also escalated. They have found more victims which have attracted more cybercriminals to come into action. 

Why is Cyber Crime Considered Dangerous?

Cybercrime is basically performing criminal activities with the help of a computer and networking. It might sound extremely simple, but it is one of the most complex criminal activities it is happening in today's world. The victim effect of Cybercrime can be an individual, a group, or even sectors of national interest. Cybercrime has made it extremely complicated for a lot of people to store sensitive data and information in the devices as that they can cause a great loss to the victim. There are different kinds of Cybercrimes that exist in society, and each one of them has its own impact on the victim.

Hacking is a term which most of us might come across very frequently. This is because hacking is one of the largest Cybercrimes happening all over the world. The Number of hackers in today's world is ridiculously high, which has also been a growing concern for a lot of individuals and organizations. Hacking is basically a hacker providing illegal instructions to someone else's network to gain access to the device. The hacker identifies the weak loopholes in the network and tries to protect those weak loopholes. after cracking the loopholes, the cybercriminal gains complete access into the device which allows him to steal all the sensitive data and information stored in the device. Hacking is considered to be one of the most dangerous cybercrime happening in the world as the victim might not have any idea that his device is hacked. Every organization produces a large amount of data every single day, and its left can cause a great loss to the organization.

Identity theft is one of the second biggest growing cybercrime in the 21st century. Identity theft is basically are cybercriminals stealing all the information about your personal life such as your photographs, information about your schooling, your qualifications, and a lot more. The cybercriminal uses this information and pretends to be the victim on some platform. The cybercriminal and some sort of criminal activity by using the name of the victim. This can cause serious problems in the victims' life as his name is involved in some sort of illegal activities. A lot of people actually consider identity theft to be the result of a personal grudge, but it has also been seen that a lot of professionals fall into the trap of Identity theft where the motive is to hamper the reputation of the organization in the market.

What is CompTIA Network + Certification?

Networking is a very vital part of every organization. Most of the function in an organization is performed with the help of a network and having a professional who could manage the network is very important. Organizations look for professionals with the CompTIA Network+ certification as there are extremely talented and have great knowledge about networking. The certification is a proof professional is highly skilled and trained to work for several posts like a network administrator, network field technician, junior network administrator, Information Technology, network support specialist, and a lot more. Professionals would have to clear the examination for the certification, which requires a professional level of understanding of all the concepts. The most desired skills in this field are available with a certification which makes it one of the most wish for certification in the field of networking.

Professionals certification have a much higher chance of getting a well-paid job in comparison to professionals who do not have this certification. 

October 01, 2020 @ 02:37 PM EDT

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