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What Is A Certified Information System Auditor

Bipasha Zaman

Cybersecurity has recently become an important part of the functioning of any company. A lot of the firms that have businesses involved in a lot of data warehousing and management projects are worried about how to secure their confidential information. Employing cybersecurity professionals and educating the employees with a certain degree of precautions is certainly a great start. However, this is not effective unless stakeholders understand the hazards and risks present in the field. This is where CISA certified individuals come into the picture.

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) is an ISACA authorized certification program. It allows recruiters to find individuals with the right analytical skills who can help them find potential risks involved in any business venture and IT project. These candidates become great risk analysts, administrators, and security personnel with the knowledge to audit the different business processes, manage IT governance, and check the resiliency of any business operation. The primary objective of CISA is to help firms protect their important assets from malicious entities and their misutilization.


It is not easy to crack the certification exam for such high-level accreditation. Therefore, ISACA makes sure that candidates have all the resources ready to prepare for the final test. Candidates can try the self-paced modules which allow the individual to study according to their own convenient timings. The course consists of appropriate materials, study guides, and a good number of evaluation tests. If candidates still need expert guidance, they can opt for instructor-led training programs that give insights from industry professionals and adequate live sessions to clear doubts. Besides these, aspirants should read the community guidelines and information brochures thoroughly to get all the relevant basic information about the test.


The candidates can register for the exam within a 365-day window after their eligibility has been verified. The exam fees range from $575 to $760 depending on whether the candidate has a membership or not. Candidates can either opt to give the exam online through remote proctoring if they have the necessary hardware or they can apply to give the exam at a verified PSI location. The exam is offered in ten popular languages for the convenience of the individual. The test itself lasts for four hours and consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. This test verifies the ability of the individual to audit various IT processes, govern the IT resources, and to protect all the firm's valuable assets.


While the eligibility criteria require candidates to fulfill five years of industry experience, the candidates can avail waivers based on their educational background. However, these criteria need to be cleared before the examination. After candidates pass the examination, they can apply for the certification within five years. The relevant details and claims are then verified in the processing phase, which takes about three to four weeks’ time. After the processing is done, candidates need to promise and adhere to the organization's policies in order to get accredited. The application fee costs $50, which is a small one-time investment.


ISACA requires certified candidates to follow some basic rules in order to maintain their certification. These rules include ethical policies that ask the candidate to be diligent and loyal to their employers. They should also maintain confidentiality and treat company information with utmost care. They should also comply with the auditing standard followed by the industry so as to maintain a fair playing ground for every company. The continuous education policy requires individuals to constantly evolve and update their skills as the industry grows and modifies itself. This also means candidates should keep up with the latest updates in the industry's best practices and IT tools.


CISA Certified individuals usually apply for analytical positions which require them to evaluate the existing systems of the firms for different risks and potential threats. They run administrator roles, project security management positions, and mostly risk analyst and auditing job openings. They make sure that firms do not give in to losses that could have been avoided if adequate measures had been taken, data was secured, and threats were mitigated.

CISA Certification Training is a globally recognized course that has many applications in companies worldwide. Most certified candidates end up in high paying positions. Some of them get paid as high as $120,000 every year. This is a highly demanded certifications by small and large companies alike since these employees represent efficiency and versatility to the maximum.

October 01, 2020 @ 02:06 PM EDT

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