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What’s Your Quality 4.0 Strategy? 

Nicole Radziwill

“We want to get on board with Quality 4.0 as soon as possible. What strategy should we adopt?”  

In ISO 9001:2015, quality is the “degree to which a set of inherent characteristics of an object fulfils requirements.” (3.6.2)  Quality 4.0 describes the technological innovations that will help us more quickly assess compliance and customer satisfaction, and optimize business processes through systems integration - whether the object we’re working with is a process, a product, a person, or an intelligent software system. 

 Quality 4.0 systems are: 

  • Connected - electronic, networked, and capable of communicating in real time with people and systems 
  • Intelligent - autonomous, reactive, proactive, social, and/or adaptive to new data or new environmental conditions 
  • Automated - able to carry out instructions with or without human participation 

As a result, Quality 4.0 strategies emphasize real-time visibility, intelligent decision support, and improved communication -- between people, systems, and machines.  

For example, Nikon’s recently announced Quality 4.0 strategy focuses on real-time measurement: improving and automating measurement systems, automating inspections, and centralizing the results electronically. By digitizing and connecting as much as possible, their goal is to shorten the time it takes to make decisions about production processes. This will improve availability and productivity. 

If you’re still struggling with compliance, continuous improvement, or building a quality culture, don’t worry -- you’re not too late to get on board with Quality 4.0! The first step is to capture your processes and records in a digital quality management system -- preferably cloud-based -- to support easy scalability as your EHSQ maturity level increases. 


Additional Reading: 

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Nicole Radziwill is the Quality Practice Lead at Intelex Tecnologies Inc. You can follow her on LinkedIn by clicking HERE.


August 16, 2018 @ 02:25 PM EDT Quality

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