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The Urgency For ESG: Making the Leap from Reporting to Business Value

Sandy Smith

On Earth Day, April 22, at 11 AM EST, Intelex will present a webinar with Verdantix titled “The Urgency For ESG: Making the Leap from Reporting To Business Value.”

ESG (environment, social and governance), sustainability, triple bottom line, corporate social responsibility – whichever phrase resonates most with you: your organization likely faces unprecedented urgency to manage and mitigate diverse pressures linked to their impact on the planet, employees, local communities, customers and many other stakeholders involved in the corporate value chain. ESG has moved well beyond just collecting data and reporting. Today, it stands to impact business value and resiliency. 

An increasing number of shareholders, especially those in the investment community, no longer rely solely on a company’s financial metrics to gauge its on-going business operations. Environment, social and governance (ESG) criteria are now being applied at the industry- and company-specific level to more comprehensively assess risk exposure and long-term business viability.

Since ESG encompasses such a broad range of issues – covering environment and carbon management, worker safety, climate resiliency, executive pay tied to ESG performance, and community relations to name a few – increasing corporate attention is being placed on the establishment of strong ESG governance structures designed for transparency, accountability, risk management and performance improvement.

When it comes to ESG data governance, EHS professionals and EHS software solutions will play a critical role in contributing to broader ESG information management architecture. A significant portion of ESG data sits within or can be facilitated by EHS software platforms. The onus of building or optimizing ESG data will increasingly fall on the EHS, risk and compliance teams as firms look to effectively pull together relevant data, run risk analysis, respond to disclosure requests, manage operational ESG projects, and design processes for ESG cross-functional collaboration. 

Join Yaowen Ma, Principal Analyst at Verdantix, and Trevor Bronson, Corporate Strategy Associate at Intelex for this hour-long session to learn more, including:

  • The landscape of ESG information management and how it has evolved
  • The current ESG priorities companies should address and frameworks to consider
  • How to build an ESG program and identify the data you should be tracking
  • How technology can help you measure, monitor, and improve ESG performance
  • What the future holds for ESG, and what that means for EHS and compliance professionals

Register here for the webinar.

Optimizing Your ESG Program

Want to learn more about Intelex solutions for measuring and managing your ESG program? 

Register for Application Spotlight: How to Optimize Your ESG Program with Software For Measurement, Management and Disclosure. It’s a great first step to start, improve or fine-tune your holistic ESG program.

Need help managing your triple bottom line? ESG metrics are carrying increasing weight for financial professionals and the investment community, putting pressure on companies to accurately manage and report on ESG programs to a wider audience.
Expect to learn more about:

  • What ESG is, and why it has become so important in today’s business environment
  • Different reporting and disclosure frameworks that your organization may consider leveraging
  • What the future holds for ESG overall and how to ensure you are ready for it
  • How software can help turn your ESG program into a competitive advantage, including a product demonstration of Intelex’s ESG solution

Download our Application Spotlight webinar to learn about effective management tools, including a live product demonstration.

April 20, 2021 @ 10:09 AM EDT Manufacturing, Energy - Oil and Gas, Metals and Mining Environment, Operations, Risk Management

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