When Summer Fun Becomes Serious Business

Sandy Smith Roller coasters, ferris wheels, dodge ‘em cars, scramblers and rotors: Some of our greatest childhood (and adult) memories revolve around amusement parks and carnivals. However, it’s important to...
July 22, 2021 More

Manufacturing: Recovering after a Hard Hit by Pandemic, Supply Chain Woes

Sandy Smith Deloitte noted in its 2021 Manufacturing Industry Outlook that in early 2020, manufacturing had regained much of the momentum it lost after the 2008 recession. Then the pandemic hit. After the first...
July 20, 2021 More

255 Million Jobs Lost: Human-Centered Pandemic Recovery Needed

Sandy Smith Speaking at the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers meeting in Catania, Italy, ILO Director-General Guy Ryder emphasized the need to prevent long-term scarring of economies and societies and to shape...
July 15, 2021 More

Refrigerants: More Environmental Impact than Carbon Dioxide

Sandy Smith The COVID pandemic and ambitious drive to vaccinate the global population made the capacity and integrity of the cold chain as part of supply chain management even more important. Every day, billions...
July 13, 2021 More

Summer Reading: Blog Posts You Might Have Missed

Sandy Smith Missed a few blogs? Here's an opportunity to catch up on your reading! Have You Started Planning for Post-Pandemic Procurement?
Many organizations now are considering more options, such as...
July 09, 2021 More

Leveraging Safety Performance through Control of Work

Sandy Smith Don’t miss our next Expert Connect session on July 14: Leveraging Safety Performance through Control of Work. For most safety and health professionals, regardless of career maturity, their role most...
July 07, 2021 More

The Top 10+1 Hot Tips for Summer Safety

Sandy Smith Everyone wants to enjoy summer fun and activities. That said, there are hazards associated with most summer activities. We gathered dozens of tips you can share with workers and family members to...
June 30, 2021 More

Intelex Pulls Ahead, Receives EcoVadis Silver Sustainability Rating for its Commitment to ESG

Sandy Smith Research shows that companies with strong ESG performance can weather economic downturns better, are less likely to experience catastrophic incidents, attract better talent and deliver above-baseline...
June 29, 2021 More

Infographic: Mining Safety Pain Points and Solutions

Sandy Smith In 2020, mining-related deaths declined and the mining industry achieved its highest compliance with U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration health standards, which protect the long-term health...
June 29, 2021 More

FY 2022 EPA Budget: Focus on Science, Adding Staff

Sandy Smith U.S. President Joe Biden’s FY 2022 budget request of $11.2 billion for the Environmental Protection Agency makes historic investments in environmental justice, science and support for the agency’s...
June 23, 2021 More

Learn How to Improve Supply Chain Agility without Sacrificing Quality

Sandy Smith Over the last few decades, companies have been optimizing their supply chains to lower costs, reduce inventory and maximize asset utilization. Supply chain globalization offered many benefits. It...
June 22, 2021 More

Empowering Your Safety Culture

Sandy Smith Empowering a workforce to achieve and sustain safety performance success begins with one critical question: Is safety a core value at your organization? Or, better yet, is it the organization’s ...
June 21, 2021 More

Data Quality – It’s a Dirty Job, but Someone’s Got To Do It

Angelo Cianfrocco Data quality is the foundation on which EHS insights are built. When EHS data suffers from poor data quality, insights are eroded and the information that was once on a stable foundation is no longer...
June 17, 2021 More

Brand Damage, Financial Liability, Criminal Charges: The High Cost of Not Meeting Regulatory Compliance Obligations

Sandy Smith Around the world, organizations in every industry have obligations to follow the requirements outlined in various rules, regulations, permits and directives. These requirements outline the way in...
June 15, 2021 More