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Transforming Manufacturing with Internet and technology; while decreasing safety risks

Tamara Parris

More Factories and plants are becoming connected to the Internet to help them become more efficient, productive and smarter then their competitors who are not connected. In an article I recently read, John Nesi, Vice President of Market Development at Rockwell Automation, states “Global competitive pressures are challenging industrial and manufacturing companies to drive inefficiencies out of their systems, manage workforce skills gaps and uncover new business opportunities,”

Connecting your company to new innovative technology will increase efficiency as shown by Rockwell's Food and Beverage client King's Hawaiian who reported they have been able to put out 18,000 pounds of additional bread, daily, by installing 11 connected machines in their new factory in . On the safety side - this technology is also helping to decrease safety hazards in the workplace. One example of this is Sine-Wave.

This company have place their focus on technological solutions for businesses, and have created a customized IoT program. They have had positive results in increased safety and communication in mines. I recently read on their website, that they have actually designed a browser-based application to communicate with the workers, operators, and machines in the mine. It is very cool; as it shows “a real-time view of all activities underground [including] custom mapping of each mining operation.”

This knowledge they acquire, about what’s going on in the underground mines in real time, means that users can avoid safety hazards and they can respond to emergencies quickly. It would be interesting to learn how other peoples industries and workplaces are using technology to help to decrease safety hazards in the workplace.

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January 28, 2016 @ 04:51 PM EST

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