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Some Important Guidelines For Ladder Safety

Alexandr Grigoryev

The ladder has been an important tool for the progress of the economy. It is an invaluable device, no matter how simple it is, in getting the job done. However, almost 50% of the population in the US is caused by ladder related accidents. In response to this, since it is a vital gadget in your workplace, it is imperative that we discuss about Ladder Safety

Position the ladder in a stable and level area

The first thing you do to a ladder is to prop the ladder to an area that is obviously near the place you're going to work in. Because of this, your focus is not on the ladder but on the spot you want to be. It will be too late before you realize your ladder is not on the level and faster than you can say "WOOPS!", you are down on the ground with your back aching from the fall.

Check the ladder for defects

Check the integrity of the ladder on every step. See if there are any loose nails that would loosen when a heavy weight is placed on it. This simple act will save you from having an appointment with a chiropractic.

Stay clear from electrical wires and equipment

Almost all workplaces use metal ladders in this generation as it is strong, solid and secure. But this could be a major health risk if the person is working near some electrical hazards like exposed electrical wires. This would undoubtedly give him the shock of his life. The person must avoid or not go near electrical hazards like this at all cost. If the person is working near an electrical source or an electrician, advise the worker to wear rubber shoes and gloves

Always clean the ladder from oil, grease and other slippery fluids

Before using the ladder in the workplace, always check the ladder for smudges and spills. If unchecked,, those smudges could be the difference between a job well done and a broken neck. Always remember that you are in a working area and other employees have surely used that ladder before you. It doesn't have to be 100% clean, just be sure to you know the stuff you're stepping on so you could prevent an accident from happening.

January 09, 2019 @ 02:17 AM EST

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