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Reasons indicating that its time to upgrade the website’s design

Nicky James

Snow fell in Winnipeg indicating that the winter is here. Despite the relaxations, the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t slowing down. Yet, eCommerce helped many make good sales. This then calls for websites’ designs to get an upgrade.

That’s right: what was great in 2013 is now not so great in 2020. Yes, this year has been quite a challenging year and a problem for many. With design and technology evolving at a pace of their own, it is imperative that brands, businesses and companies alike keep their sites fresh and upgraded too with changed looks.

According to a renown web design company Toronto, business success is all about making a lasting impression and that is the first thing people encounter when they do a search for the products and services the business offers.

Business owners may think that having a website is enough (no need to upgrade it too) but that notion is wrong. Hence, here are some reasons why business owners need to consider investing in a new website design:

The website has an outdated design

Forbes once revealed a study’s results (titled Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites) where 15 participants were directed to search the web for health information that was relevant to them and determine the factors influencing the trust of one site over the other.

Whether people would prefer believing it or not, in all the multiple factors mentioned about people rejecting or not trusting a website, 94% said that the website’s web design, elements involved in the design, the layout and everything else related to web design forced them to reject a website. Whereas 6% said that the content made them reject the website.

A not-so-attractive web design can come across as something quite unprofessional. A lot of renown brands, businesses and organizations alike having a presence for a long time at times that their name and the number of years they have been around is enough to excuse a not-so-attractive website.

This also can be the case for any company’s existing clientele. But for anyone browsing the internet for any specific product or service, a website which is fast, attractive and in line with modern requirements is more likely to gain anyone’s trust.

At times, it is difficult to recognize whether the website is considered either an attractive one or an unattractive one. For numerous business owners, this was the case when they created a website years ago.

A lot of people may have helped design the current website and have a sort of attachment to it. However, it does not mean that visitors to the website will share the opinion. This question can be answered in quantifiable terms through Google Analytics.

It shows the business’s willingness to invest in themselves and the business

If a business is not willing to invest in their own company and brand, why should other others invest in the products and services other businesses offer? Keeping the website fresh and new shows people the business is sincere.

It also shows that the business is willing to stay up-to-date with current trends so they can be offered a pleasant experience when they browse the website. Going back to point number one, it helps gain consumers’ trust and proves that business stands by them, and the products & services offered to them.

The current website is not mobile responsive

A large part of the web traffic these days comes in from mobile devices and websites should be responsive to such devices (make money online).

A responsive website reacts and makes changes based on multiple factors, and screen size being among them. A responsive website changes images, font sizes, margins and padding as well as move elements around to fit the screen of the user.

Responsive web design (RWD) ensures that each visitor to the website has a good experience and easily able to view all of the imagery and content without having to pinch their screens in order to zoom in and out easily.

Having a responsive website today helps business retain customers nicely. Salesforce once conducted a survey and found out that 83% of mobile users prefer a seamless experience across all devices, this is an important factor in the digital aspect of businesses being afloat. 

November 18, 2020 @ 02:53 AM EST Science and Technology

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