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A Quality Team's Digital Transformation Journey

EHSQ Content Team

Complex contracts and transactions—such as agreements, orders, and amendments—can be hard to track in a large, global company. Like many others, Microsoft needed a robust management system to efficiently process—and answer questions about—multimillion-dollar contracts and associated transactions. To meet this need, Core Services Engineering (CSE, formerly Microsoft IT) developed COSMIC (Customer Obsessed Solution Management and Incident Care), a Microsoft Dynamics 365–based contract and transaction case management solution. COSMIC streamlines the tasks required to complete a transaction, called a case, with a structured, agent-guided workflow. It provides a clear view of the case as it progresses, and uses defined stages to show status from start to finish. The stages also help Microsoft track vendor performance, and business process controls and analytics help manage outsourced operations more efficiently.

We had a case management system for contracts and transactions, which was unwieldy and created unnecessary complexity for our agents. Agents had to know unique rules to work cases to completion. The system required a lot of training, and agents had to work in multiple systems. Case tracking was not intuitive. For example, if a partner submitted a case, they might receive a “Request Submitted” message, and no additional information. Or they might receive a “Request on Hold” message, with no reason stated. The system couldn’t grow to meet business needs. From a business perspective, multiple data entry points resulted in redundancy and errors.

Microsoft needed a solution that provides a holistic, 365-degree view of customers, and that accommodates users, partners, and the Microsoft field organization. They needed to manage contracts and cases at any stage, from start to finish, and they needed more nuanced ways to assess and refine business processes. To learn more about Microsoft's digital transformation journey to solve a key business problem they faced, download the Microsoft IT Showcase attachment.

April 19, 2018 @ 07:09 PM EDT

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