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Playing the Numbers - Rating Your EHSQ Performance Using Incident Reporting and Leading and Lagging Indicators

Sandy Smith

The old analogy from author and management consultant Peter Drucker - “What gets measured gets done” - is top of mind when thinking about what measures give the most valuable information to an organization. Incident reporting, along with metrics such as training hours, injury and illness rates, observations, etc., gives organizations a clear picture of where resources should be deployed to improve and enhance EHSQ performance.
The best-run businesses employ an approach of decision-making based on data and facts. Metrics are a set of measures that are purposely selected through evaluation and come back as inputs through reporting so that outputs can be communicated in a way to keep the organization focused on specific areas.
Companies generally use one or both of two types of metrics. One is deployed to understand an outcome, while the other is used to influence such results. They are:

Lagging Indicator – An indicator that follows an event and focuses on results at the end of a time period.  They are customarily used to judge historical performance.
Leading Indicator – An indicator that drives the performance of lagging measures. These usually measure standard processes and activities.

There has been much debate over which set of metrics, lagging or leading, are best to use organizationally. During this webinar, speakers Scott Gaddis,  Vice President, Global Practice Leader, Safety and Health at Intelex Technologies, and Kanwer Kahn, CSP, CRSP, QEP, P.E., Vice President, Environment, Health, Safety and Security for SUEZ North America, will discuss which metrics can help empower you to capture, track, investigate and report on all incidents and near-misses, including injuries and illnesses, spills, property damage and vehicle incidents. 

This webinar:

  • Examines the role of metrics
  • Discusses the weighting of metrics and
  • Identifies the metrics that can drive performance transformation in your organization.  
  • Identifies solutions to track and analyze metrics.

Register for the webinar, “Playing the Numbers - Rating Your EHSQ Performance Using Incident Reporting and Leading and Lagging Indicators,” here.

February 11, 2020 @ 09:58 AM EST Manufacturing, Construction, Waste / Wastewater Management, Energy - Oil and Gas Health & Safety, Operations, Risk Management

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