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Passing the Certified Safety Professional Examination

paul mcneill

I decided to take the Certified Safety Professional exam during my last two years of my career as an OSHA Compliance Officer (now working in private industry). Having been away from formal schooling for some time, I knew extra effort would be required of me. 
I decided to combine the use of two courses, the EHS Bowen Safety online course and the Span self-study Workbooks. The EHS Bowen Online study course had several great features that worked well for me:

* Class lectures are recorded and students can play them back as often as needed.
* Students are expected to complete all assigned homework-homework is given as part of their course to hold students accountable.
* Live study sessions are held regularly for students to participate in and send in their questions prior to the session.
* There is an interactive student bulletin board where students can compare notes on passing the exam. 
After taking the online EHS Bowen course, I took three months to read over every chapter of the book, “Safety and Health for Engineers” by Roger Brauer and the book “Safety Professional’s Reference and Study Guide” by David Yates that corresponded with sections of the ASP and CSP exams. I also obtained the Span self- study books. I developed my own flash card self- study materials with approximately 1200 flash cards consisting of every rote factual question from the Span material; some material from the EHS Bowen course and material from Brauer and Yates books. I also obtained a set of flashcards developed by two other OSHA compliance officers who took the BCSP ASP/CSP course. This set of flashcards contained approximately 200 questions. (Anyone reading this blog article studying for the ASP/CSP exams who would like the flashcards, just message me on LinkedIn(please include your email contact)-I will be happy to send you the flashcards).

My weekly study routine consisted of reviewing flashcards daily; taking practice exams weekly from the Span and Bowen material and getting tutoring for the math portion of the exam on three occasions. When necessary, I re-read the chapters of either the Brauer or Yates books if I decided a review was necessary.
Three months after completing the EHS Bowen online course, I "started the clock" for the countdown with BCSP to take the ASP tests first. Passed the ASP exam first attempt in 2012 and then basically repeated the process of regular flashcard review, with a reading review and taking practice exams via the Span Material and Bowen material for the CSP exam, which I passed first time in February 2013. I believe my total study time from beginning to end of passing both exams was about 18 months (not a sprint)!

February 13, 2017 @ 01:38 PM EST Health & Safety

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Tamara Parris

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