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Next steps for ISO 45001 September 2017

Chris J Ward

The meeting in Malaysia ending on 23 September will decide the next steps for the standard. There were many comments on the 2nd draft and there is now a strong possibility that those comments will be accommodated in a final draft. If so, a Final Draft Standard will be published before the finished standard can finalised. To do so an application to ISO for a further extension would be required, because the "normal" 3 year timescale has been exceeded (an extension has already been given). The final content may not be too dissimilar to the current version as major changes will risk losing the existing high level of support from the national standards' bodies.

So we eagerly wait for a news announcement in a few weeks time. If you want to receive the news automatically in your in box, you can register on our website. Whilst on the site have a look at our expert team that are, even now, working on solutions for implementation of the standard


September 19, 2017 @ 03:04 PM EDT Quality

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