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Levels of Safety Strategy

Terry L Mathis

Alan Weiss describes business strategies for products or services as either Competitive, Distinct or Breakthrough.

Think how this applies to safety strategy; Do you simply want to be competitive?  OR Would you like for your safety failure metrics to benchmark well in your industry, to keep regulators away, or to placate the stockholders?  This is the most common level of safety strategy.

But, there are more opportunities if you can adjust your mindset to seek them out:

  • Could you develop a safety strategy that really set your organization apart from others and gave your workers a distinct advantage? 
  • Could you even innovate an approach to safety that took the whole effort to a new level of success never before achieved? 


Extraordinary results seldom come from ordinary strategies and most safety strategies are either quite ordinary or completely missing. 

Leaders, challenge yourselves to be as creative with your safety strategy as you are with your organizational marketing strategies.

March 14, 2017 @ 10:28 AM EDT Environment, Health & Safety, Quality

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