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Learn How to Improve Supply Chain Agility without Sacrificing Quality

Sandy Smith

Over the last few decades, companies have been optimizing their supply chains to lower costs, reduce inventory and maximize asset utilization. Supply chain globalization offered many benefits. It opened new markets and new sourcing options and lowered costs from suppliers. Globalization and offshore manufacturing became so common that by 2018, China accounted for around 28% of all global manufacturing output and most companies around the world had become dependent on offshore manufacturing.

As our latest blog post, "Have You Started Planning for Post-Pandemic Procurement?" points out, as successful as globalization was for companies – increasing their revenues, margins and profitability – it also created a vulnerability that was hidden until a Black Swan event such as the global pandemic brought it to light. COVID-19 exposed some significant vulnerabilities in global supply chains that companies are still wrestling with over a year later.

Our upcoming webinar, “Delivering Full Circle Supplier Quality for Optimized Procurement” on June 23 at 10 am EST, examines our post-pandemic world, where many organizations now are considering more options, such as repatriation and re-shoring, to increase the agility of their supply chains. Deciding to expand or retool supplier networks brings with it a host of challenges that must be met to ensure that efficient management or onboarding of suppliers is not at the expense of quality.

Join Debra Koehler, Director, Solutions and Industry Marketing, and Fraser McArthur, Principal Product Solution Consultant, to learn where post-pandemic supplier management is headed and see a live product demonstration to help you manage a 360 supplier quality program. You will learn more about:

  • Conducting on-going supplier performance evaluations
  • Ensuring suppliers are compliant with certifications and documentation
  • Recording supplier nonconformances and involving suppliers directly in their resolution

Register for the webinar. Attend live or watch the archived version.


June 22, 2021 @ 10:52 AM EDT Manufacturing, Construction Operations, Quality, Risk Management, Supply Chain

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