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ISO 45001 Updates - Global Survey

Tamara Parris

Our member Chris Ward and I asked our members, in both the Intelex Community and LinkedIn, to participate in an ISO 45001 survey.

We had over 450 members, submit their responses over the period February and March 2016.

In addition, our Intelex Community Expert Chris J Ward presented the interim results of the survey to the BSI OHSAS 18001/45001 in London.

The results show a high level of support for the standard by small organizations. This support is a good indication a large number of organizations, around the world, intend to adopt the new standard. Even if they are not currently compliant to OHSAS 18001.

It is interesting to learn how many organization aspire to meet this new international standard.

When asked:

  • Is your organization using OHSAS 18001, 50% reported "Yes".
  • Now that you have seen the draft standard, are you in favor of adopting it for your organization, 70% responded "Yes".
  • How well do you understand what is meant by "Top Management Commitment, 61% had a clear understanding after join our Expert discussion!


To view the ISO webinar, please follow this link:

May 09, 2016 @ 03:17 PM EDT Health & Safety

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