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ISO 45001 OHS Management System. Guide to Requirements: Practical Interpretation of ISO 45001!

Tamara Parris

This is a shout out and Kudos to one of our very active community contributors, Chris Ward on his new publication members requested from him. 

Our own community industry expert has just published an ISO 45001 guide that leads you through the requirements of the standard in a Non Technical Interpretation.
You can now get Chris Wards guide by clicking here!
You will find many great resources by Chris and other members in our EHSQ Community peer resource area. I have posted a short resource list below to start member in their search for ISO 45001 content.

We have many industry and expert members sharing great resources for anyone wanting to better understand what exactly you need to do to meet the requirements, and other EHS topics.For example, Chris' reference guide will provide an easy to read explanation of the clauses in an for you and your team to follow. He brings over 37 years’ experience working for the Health and Safety Executive (UK regulator) to our community discussion. Chris revised the HSG 65 Managing for Health and Safety and is is a member of BSI's OHSAS 18001 committee. Currently a health and safety consultant who hosts the world's largest LinkedIn 45001 group.


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Community posts from our industry experts:
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ISO 45001: Leadership and Commitment infographic
ISO 45001 OHS Management System. Guide to Requirements: Practical Interpretation of ISO 45001!
What will ISO 45001 OHSMS mean to my organization? 

We invite members to post their questions below for our industry experts to join us and share their insights and knowledge.

Chris Ward is a proud EHSQ Alliance finalist! 

March 20, 2018 @ 01:49 PM EDT Health & Safety

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