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Intelex Pulls Ahead, Receives EcoVadis Silver Sustainability Rating for its Commitment to ESG

Sandy Smith

Research shows that companies with strong ESG performance can weather economic downturns better, are less likely to experience catastrophic incidents, attract better talent and deliver above-baseline ROI.

EcoVadis recently announced that Intelex Technologies, ULC scored in the top 17% of software companies assessed by EcoVadis for corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Intelex has made a commitment to the principles of environment, social and governance (ESG), including global sustainability, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. Investors increasingly are applying these non-financial factors to their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities.

“Holding ourselves accountable for continuous improvement in sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and ESG is a key priority for Intelex,” said Justin McElhattan, president of Intelex. “Our Silver Rating and improved performance in the most recent EcoVadis assessment demonstrates our commitment to be a trustworthy, responsible business that’s driving change in the world.”

In the article, Ethical Lending Sweeps Into Europe’s Leveraged Loan Market, published June 25 on, writers Ruth McGavin and Jacqueline Poh noted that even lenders to

sub-investment grade companies in Europe are seeing a surge in loans that link the interest rate to achieving sustainability targets.

“Deals worth more than 25 billion euros ($29.9 billion) that came to market this year will pay less if the borrower hits environmental, social and governance goals — or more if they miss,” said McGavin and Poh, adding it’s an eight-fold jump from less than 3 billion euros for all of 2020.

“When it comes to allocation of capital, investors and lenders place one metric above all others: risk,” said Trevor Bronson, Senior Product Marketing Manager for EHS products and a Corporate Strategy Associate at Intelex. “Research has shown time and time again that companies with strong ESG performance can weather economic downturns better, are less likely to experience catastrophic incidents, attract better talent and deliver above-baseline ROIs. Therefore, the logic is really quite simple; ESG metrics allow for better clarity on an entity’s true risk exposure, and the better an investor or lender understand an investment’s risk, the more likely they are to put their money to work”

Intelex Rewarded for Commitment to ESG via Sustainable, Ethical Business Practices

Intelex, a leading global provider of SaaS-based environmental, health and safety and quality (EHSQ) management software, was recognized by EcoVadis with a Silver Medal Rating for its commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices. The annual sustainability rating places Intelex in the top 17 percent of its global peers in the software industry, and is based on EcoVadis’ independent methodological framework that assesses over 75,000 companies’ policies and actions on environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.
With the rapidly changing global ESG landscape, consumers and the investment community are holding corporations increasingly accountable to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability actions. As a company that delivers SaaS-based solutions that address sustainability, environmental, ESG, worker health and safety, as well as supplier and quality management, Intelex is committed to measuring and continuously improving its own CSR and ESG outcomes.

This is the second year Intelex has voluntarily participated in the independent EcoVadis sustainability assessment and has realized an overall improvement of 9% from the last annual assessment, placing the company in the top 33rd percentile overall of the over 75,000 companies across all industries assessed by EcoVadis.

Assessment Based on CSR Standard

EcoVadis enables companies to assess their corporate environmental and social performance, as well as that of their suppliers, based on international CSR standards and a single methodology to evaluate, collaborate and improve sustainability performance to foster transparency and accelerate growth and innovation. EcoVadis combines technology and global CSR expertise to deliver simple and reliable supplier scorecards. These scorecards cover 21 CSR criteria along four main themes that determine a company’s overall rating: environment, labor practices and human rights, fair and ethical business practices, and sustainable procurement.
Key highlights since the last assessment include double-digit progression in three key areas by Intelex, including:

  • 20% improvement in environment and GHG reduction programs and impact
  • 14% improvement in ethics score, climbing to the top 8% of companies rated by EcoVadis in the software technology sector
  • 25% improvement in sustainable procurement practices and policies

 The improvements made by Intelex in 2020 that were identified by the EcoVadis assessment are an indication of Intelex’s ongoing commitment towards a safer and more sustainable future. As part of our ESG strategy, Intelex recently took a bold step towards advancing sustainability with the recent release of our ESG solution to power the shift from sustainability reporting to business value creation.

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