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How NOT to Fall: What you can do at work to stay safe

Jennifer Chylinski

Your employer is required to make sure you are safe at work, but don't forget that there are things you can do to make sure you're not at risk of injury or death from falling on the job. That's right, I said death. We're not just talking about sprained ankles or bumps on the head here. Falls are the number one reported cause of injury and fatality in the workplace. Out of 991 deaths in 2016, 384 resulted from a fall. Don't become one of them.

Why wouldn't you do everything you can to keep yourself from falling?

Tips to stay safe:

1) Keep it clean. Don't leave stuff lying around and if you see something that could cause injury, clean it up. Slippery surfaces can and do cause falls. If a surface at your workplace consistently poses a problem, report it and your organization will rectify the situation. 

2) Keep it clear. Don't block walkways. Make sure all cables, cords or obstacles are firmly anchored and out of the way. If they're not, get them removed!

3) Keep it bright. If you see it, you can avoid it. 

4) Keep it snug. Wear the right shoes and make sure they are fastened properly. 

5) Keep it real. Call someone out if they're doing something unsafe, not using fall protection equipment, or taking shortcuts. Be true to staying safe and help your colleagues out if you notice something they don't. 

6) Keep it simple. If you are given fall protection equipment, use it properly. If it's not working or you have questions, speak to your supervisor. 


Jennifer Chylinski is a Content Specialist at Intelex Technologies Inc. 

July 23, 2018 @ 02:17 PM EDT Health & Safety

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