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How CISSP becomes a bonus for all IT jobs

Bipasha Zaman

Suppose you think that this is the end of your grind days! Then you are wrong, my friend. There are ample of professionals with high-end certifications plus an MBA but are unsatisfied with their jobs. In China, you do not become a leader in IT after CISSP.

Often the certification is confused with technical prowess and expertise. Companies look for someone who has showcased relevant experience in Cybersecurity to achieve the desired leadership role. After acquiring this high-end certification, it is observed that candidates slog for at least two years under the leadership of other senior CISSPs to mark a way out for their dream job.

In this article, we shall discuss all such nuances and misconceptions surrounding this certification exam. We will closely look into statistical details that inform us about the trend. And we will sketch a pavement out of it. So, let’s jump into this most aggravated and hot topic of the IT certification.

The white side

As a certified CISSP professional, you can be trusted as an expert in Cybersecurity and the leader of IT governance. With this certification, you also gain a far-reaching perspective of how things work in the InfoSec industry. This new skill of yours is the toughest to crack in. CISSP examination is one of the toughest exams in the world.

It is considered 3rd in the world’s toughest examination after CCIE and GATE. Congratulations on your success if you have cleared this examination with high marks. It is also pertinent to know that a professional is considered worthy if he or she scores 850 out of 1000 in the CISSP certification examination.

But this does not mean that you will immediately translate your success into your salary! A higher salary comes with the experience in domains and not with just certification. As per a survey, conducted by (ISC), 2 that involved respondents of high stature and professionals with leadership roles in giant companies reports that. They do not consider high-end certification for job roles like IT governance head, CIO et cetera. To attain these job roles, you need to grind for more than 5 years and prove your worth in almost all the domains to reach this job role.

The black side

CISSP is a gold standard certification in network security. CISSP has three more certifications, and they are as follows:

  • CISSP-ISSAP or Information Systems Security Architecture Professional
  • CISSP-ISSEP or information Systems Engineering Professional
  • CISSP-ISSMP or Information Systems Security Management Professional.

It is crucial for you to know that after CISSP, you need to take one of these certifications to work as a CIO or a senior manager. You have to choose according to your background and interest from these upper-level certifications. After these certifications, you become worthy enough to bargain for your requirement.

This is the last strike to your success. Often people do not talk about these high-end certifications.

The grey side

As per data released by NASACT, the state of Georgia provides $250 or $3000/year of salary supplement with a CISSP certification. While in Florida, you get an increase of $1000 with CISSP, and after two subsequent years of experience, you earn $2000.

As per the research report, the CISSP certification is considered as a “Tier A+” certification, and you get a one-time bonus of $2500. With reviewed courses and CPEs your worth further increases. Too much of insights isn’t?

Now you must also know that Pay differential may be a little as per other certifications like CPA or CGFM. But this certification is a tier A+ certification and holds stature in the Cybersecurity certification. There is no other Cybersecurity certification listed in the NASACT report except CISSP.


Of course, this is a gold standard certification, but the air has a mist all around it. People often find them helpless after certification. This certification is not enough to land you a great job. You need to work dwarf to get a tall stature. As per experts, you need to at least 2-3 years of experience in the InfoSec industry to run for senior management roles.

If you want it badly, then you can target companies with a flat structure. But you have to compromise with your salary in such an organization. However, they will give you a freehand and reign to work for their InfoSec infrastructure.

October 01, 2020 @ 02:11 PM EDT

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