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How can a Juicer Mixer Grinder be a cooking aid in the Kitchen?

Sahil Bhatt

We have been using mixer/grinders for decades now. It has been of great use and helps us. Thereby, it is not wrong to call it a kitchen aid which not only eases our work but also increases the taste of food. 

In the olden days, our grandmothers used grinding stone which required a lot of their time, energy, and effort manually for cooking. In today’s time, these advanced mixer grinders perform the mixing, blending, and grinding within minutes. Kitchen appliances have indeed changed a lot, and a lot will change in the future as well. 

A mixer grinder is probably an essential part of a modern kitchen, assisting and lowering manual work and saves us time to permit faster cooking. From pureeing, mixing, grinding, mincing to chopping, the mixer grinder is up for multiple tasks and gives chopped food without lumps or pieces. 

Usually, a mixer grinder consists of different jars for wet grinding, and dry grinding with some of the brands also provide a separate jar for making chutney and for extracting fruit juices. 

Here is how juicer mixer grinder became cooking aid in the kitchen 

1. Helps in making Idli/dosa paste

Nowadays Idlis and dosas are said to be breakfast dishes and are not limited only to the south part of India. If you have a good mixer grinder, you can easily make a delicate batter of overnight soaked rice and urad dal, thereby resulting in soft idli and crispy dosa.

2. Make Indian Masala powder 

Masala is one of the precious ingredients of Indian cooking. Most of the people make fresh, masala at home. It makes all the difference between a good and a lip-smacking dish. Most Indian women prefer making the masala at home with fresh ingredients. Ingredients like Cloves, cardamom, Bay leaf, black pepper, cinnamon are the spices that need to be roasted and then ground together in the mixer grinder for making dry masala powder. 

3. Purées and sauces

The most acceptable way to make purees is to blend the ingredients in the mixer grinder. You can create, mince pumpkins, carrots, beets for soups or grind together ginger and garlic for a paste; the mixer grinder is there to help with all these things. 

4. Finger Licking Chutneys 

Chutneys are chief in the Indian food. Dry or wet, chutneys add that dash of spice to a great Indian meal. Keeping in mind the importance of chutney, many mixer grinder brands give separate chutney jar specially made for making chutneys as the coconut chutney needs a good quality mixer with strong blades for better consistency. 

5. For powdered sugar / for making oats / and grinding rice 

Mixing and crushing dry ingredients is another essential function of a mixer grinder. To make powdered sugar and grind roasted oats and also for grinding rice, a mixer grinder is suitable for all these things. You can make a great meal of it and thereby not wrong to call it a kitchen aid.

December 11, 2020 @ 04:25 AM EST

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