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The Goals that Will Improve the Workplace Safety

Jason Lassister

Safety is paramount in every workspace. And with a functional safety program, your employees and teams will work best, delivering excellent results for your company. Here are 20 awesome ideas that you may want to consider to strengthen your safety culture. 

Tackle OSHA’s Top Ten Standards

OSHA often publishes the most cited violations annually and the best way to start enhancing your safety program is to follow this list. So, always read all OSHA publications. Try establishing if any of those hazards are found in your workplace and undertake the necessary measures. 

Consider Hosting A Safety Stand-Down

A safety stand-down refers to a voluntary event where employers speak directly to employees regarding safety.  You can either organize one for your company or take part in a national event that’s focused on fostering national safety. 

Attend Safety Conferences

Attending a safety conference can really go a long way in boosting your experience as a safety professional. Plus, it will invigorate your personal commitment to safety. Make arrangements to attend at least one conference per year and watch your business grow. 

Carry Out Surveys

Conduct a survey with well-crafted questions to prompt your employees to provide feedback regarding the current safety program. Doing this will help improve your company’s overall safety. 

Perform a PPE Inspection

Make sure that you perform a complete PPE inspection for all your employees, teams, as well as vehicles. Then repair or replace all equipment which doesn’t meet your safety standards. 

Reward Safe Behavior

Positive motivation is another great way to ensure optimal workplace safety. Private recognition works like magic. Reward safe behavior with simple things like t-shirts, gift card bonuses, congratulations via social media as well as catered lunches. 

Devise A Safety Metrics Dashboard

Goals are extremely important, but how do the employees determine if they’re meeting those goals? Devise a safety dashboard which shows the top 5 safety metrics and display it in a conspicuous place. Also, make sure that it’s regularly updated. 

Devise A Hazard Reporting System

Design a reliable method for employees to report hazards occurring in the workplace. After being identified, follow through and try eliminating each hazard to establish a safer environment for everyone. 

Offer Training Opportunities

Don’t just stick to your old training tactics. Give it a revamp! Find creative ways to add interaction, excitement as well as engagement to your company’s training program. 

Conduct Safety Meeting Programs

Consider adding frequent safety meetings to your firm’s health and safety program. This will improve workplace safety, lower insurance premiums, boost team morale, and strengthen safety compliance. 

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Plus, holding safety meetings with your staff is an incredible way to ensure that your organization is meeting OSHA’s compliance standards.  

First Aid and CPR Training

First Aid plus CPR training is critical for field employees but it’s also useful to everyone who’s working in your company. So, prioritize offering first aid as well as CRP classes on a regular basis and allow all the staff members to be certified. 

Provide Your Staff with Flu Shots

Initiate a flu prevention campaign and provide your employees with free or low-cost flu shots. Remember, prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to illnesses such as flu.  

Include AEDs In the Workplace

Install AEDs in the workplace and provide adequate training to everyone. You should also ensure that there’s an effective maintenance system in place. Other goals include:

  • Eliminating the top injury hazard category
  • Implementing a safety audit program
  • Adding First Aid Kits in your company vehicles
  • Conducting incident investigations
  • Participating in safety campaigns
  • Designing checklist inspections
  • Updating the emergency action plan

The Bottom-Line

Nothing feels great like working in a safe environment. It provides peace of mind to your employees and boosts engagement as well as collaboration. So, incorporate the above goals into your safety program and inspire your staff to work even harder. 


July 11, 2019 @ 04:58 AM EDT Construction, Energy - Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Metals and Mining Health & Safety

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