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Getting Serious About Safety Excellence

Terry L Mathis

Sadly, most organizational and safety leaders would like to have excellent safety performance but are willing to settle for failing a little less than last year. In fact, their actions are aimed at moderate gains rather than excellence. Sometimes the safety manager gets the vision of excellence but can't sell the details or the price tag to his or her boss. Organizational leaders, not just safety specialists, must catch the vision and be willing to do the strategic part of the work. Excellence can't be delegated.

Ben Franklin Safety

Excellence in any pursuit, including safety, must begin with a strategy. The strategy must reflect the realization that the tools of excellence are different than the basic tools already in use. What got the organization from bad to good will not get it from good to great. Excellence strategies create unique and valuable positions that enable and empower workers to perform at a whole new level. Every part of the safety effort must be aligned and synergistic. New approaches and insights must inspire and focus the efforts. The proper perceptions must be created and managed, and improvements must be prioritized and approached in steps rather than all at once. With all this in mind, ask yourself if you are REALLY serious about safety excellence.

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April 05, 2017 @ 03:15 PM EDT

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