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Free Interactive SDS Tool

EHSQ Alliance Affiliate

This post alerts readers to an interactive SDS tool from the Dutch Labour Inspectorate.

Written by Katie McGee (Data Solutions Manager, SiteHawk)

(This post was originally published here by SiteHawk, an EHSQ Alliance Affiliate. Republished with permission.)

A few months ago, the Dutch Labour Inspectorate released an interactive SDS tool to help users check SDS information and send feedback to the appropriate supplier. Although the tool is geared towards EU regulations (REACH and CLP), it is still an excellent resource for anyone who handles/receives SDSs. The tool walks users through a series of high-level questions that enables them to check the content throughout the SDS. For example, users check to ensure all 16 sections of the SDS are listed, there is a date on the first page and so forth.

Users can find questions specifically geared towards the following sections of the SDS:

1 – Identification

2 – Hazard Identification

3 – Composition / Information on Ingredients

7 – Handling and Storage

8 – Exposure Controls / Personal Protection

9 – Physical and Chemical Properties

13 – Disposal Considerations

16 – Other Information

At the end of the SDS check, a notice is provided of where the SDS fails to meet requirements. Depending on the failure, the user may not get through the entire SDS check because it routes the user to the end of the process much sooner. For example, the failure may be due to the SDS not containing all 16 sections or having a revision date before 12/1/2010.

Check out the interactive SDS tool to ensure your organization has compliant and accurate SDSs. Now everybody, do the SDS check!

Example SDS from SiteHawk


Katie McGee, Data Solutions Manager – SiteHawk

As the Data Solutions Manager at SiteHawk, Katie focuses on the stewardship of chemical/regulatory data and serves as a regulatory subject matter expert. With over 13 years at SiteHawk, Katie has been a leader and crucial contributor to regulatory compliance, SDS authoring and chemical data related initiatives within the organization. Katie received her B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Middle Tennessee State University and is also a Safety Data Sheet Registered Professional (SDSRP).


SiteHawk is a global leader in chemical data management and compliance solutions. Our SaaS software and services deliver a complete approach to chemical data management, providing data, intelligence and reporting to support safety, compliance and risk management. Organizations in virtually every industry worldwide utilize SiteHawk solutions to manage their hazard communication programs, meet EHS compliance and product stewardship initiatives, manage chemical inventories and data, publish safety data sheets and promote workplace safety.



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January 07, 2019 @ 10:58 AM EST Environment, Health & Safety

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