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Essays on Data Warehouses

Diane Smart

Data plays a very important role in almost everything and most of all for businesses who base a lot of decisions on significant data that has been gathered. A data warehouse is used to store all the data that will be needed for analysis, reporting, and decision-making. Essays on data warehouses provide an overview and discuss its history, benefits, design methodologies, implementation, and importance.

To be able to write quality essays on data warehouses, you should first consult reliable sources on data warehouses as well as read examples of essays on data warehouses from the essay and here to gain better knowledge about the database. You will also learn and collect useful points to support your essay by reading papers on related topics such as management information systems, information security, and job analysis.

Essays on data warehouses should first provide an overview and discuss its focus on data storage as an introduction. The development of the concept of data warehousing in the 1980s by Barry Devlin and Paul Murphy, both IBM researchers, should be discussed next in essays on data warehouses. The benefits which include maintenance of data history, integrated data from multiple source systems, improved data quality, and added value to operational business applications, particularly customer relationship management (CRM) systems, should be discussed next in essays on data warehouses. Next, essays on data warehouses should discuss the design methodologies of data warehousing such as the bottom-up, top-down, and hybrid designs. The implementation of data warehousing as well as its advantages should also be discussed in essays on data warehouses. Lastly, the importance and efficacy of data warehouses which help companies forecast activities, aid in decision-making, and gain competitive advantage should be discussed in essays on data warehouses.

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