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Employee Safety Training - 11 Helpful Tips

Alexandr Grigoryev

Employee safety training must be the first training topic that is received by every new employee who will work in the plant site prior to receive other training programs. The company is responsible to provide such safety training.

As safety officer or person in charge for the safety matters in your company, you will need to provide an effective employee safety training. Effective training program is required to ensure not only workers' safety, but also company's assets and helps company achieving its targets and objectives.

The checklist below will help you in obtaining a better and more effective employee safety training within your organization. This checklist will give you a comprehensive overview. Use them as your basic tool and see what they can do to help you.

Prepare relevant safety training for each employee based on survey results within your company. Classify each employee according to their job descriptions and tasks. As an example, plant operator will receive different safety training with laboratory analysts. But some topics may be same.

All employees must be trained, including managers, supervisors, operators and temporary workers.

Your company should appoint safety officers and a safety committee. They are responsible for providing safety training to new employees and propose additional safety training topic if they think it is required.

Safety training topics and period must comply with government regulation and or standards.

Provide several forms of employee safety training materials, such as in Power Point Presentation, safety video, workbook or even safety handbook. These training materials could help you save training cost than hiring safety consultants.

It is very good to include equipment manufacturer's safety guide into your employee safety training topics.

Ensure your training materials are easy to be understood. Make them concise. Use language that all employees will understand. Translate the materials into that language when you have to do it.

Be creative. Make the employee safety training interesting. Steal ideas from other companies or organizations if you are hard o find by yourself.

Don't forget to make training documentation and record. You will need them later as a proof of safety training compliance and to make the training program manageable.

Do not conduct just employee safety training in classroom. Online safety training will give another variation and can help the employees from boring. One thing you should pay strong attention to is to provide as many exercises and mock operations as you can. Emergency response drill is just an example.

Training is learning. It is a continuous process. You need to make sure that your employee safety training is continually performed.

Follow the above employee safety training checklist when you are attempting to create training programs in your company. It helps you making a better and effective employee safety training.

April 11, 2019 @ 11:34 PM EDT

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