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EHSQ Online Discussions Update: ISO 45001: Tips for Preparing your Team to Become Certified

Jamie Clements-Ward

Chris Ward and Jane Standerwick shared many interesting ideas and tips during their members discussion to help get everyone get ready to become ISO 45001 certified.

During the session they shared the following three tips:

1. Open up the conversation with your top management.
To start, you will need to secure upper management’s commitment and willingness to actively participate. It is their commitment which will help drive ownership and accountability throughout the organization. The standard will help to create and provide your organizations with a clear framework for managing their Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) risks. However, it is critical to have a clear understanding of how organizational context aids align with business strategy and objectives.

2. Review where you are, and identify the gap holding you back from becoming certified.
It is important to understand how far your organization would like to go in the process. For example, what type of audit: self-certification, independent audit, or third-party certification?

3.Understand what auditors need from you.
This includes understanding what you will need to provide to the auditor as evidence of success.

Ensure you have documented all information, this includes performance and improvements efforts. Review which clauses apply and do not apply to your organizational situation. You can review a table on the IMS website.

Review how your performance is measured, any indirect measures, your elective documentation, contextual conversations, integrated measures (e.g. ISO 9001), and your occupational health and safety policy.

We did a poll of our 355 members who attended to learn their insights on this topic. 132 members took part in the questions.

We learned 121 members believe ISO 45001 will be of benefit to their business.

When asked to share their thoughts on the best practice to prepare organization for ISO 45001, our members shared the following responses.

Ward and Standerwick concluded our member discussion by sharing the eleven best practices for leadership and commitment from the ISO 45001 standard.

We invite you to view the full community discussion recording at this link:

More resources at IMS Global Standards to assist with ISO 45001 guidance. 

April 04, 2018 @ 04:14 PM EDT Health & Safety

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