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EHSQ Alliance: Fostering collective intelligence sharing to mitigate risk, and further Environmental stewardship

Tamara Parris

Creating change in an industry is about taking the lead and being the catalyst for transformation which is what Mark Jaine, the CEO of Intelex, did today by bringing the EHSQ ecosystem together to integrate technologies, content, and subject matter expertise. He believes the evolution of the industry hinges on a non-competitive and collaborative environment, rather than consolidation.

Mark announced today the formation of the industry's first ever EHSQ (Environment, Health, Safety and Quality) Alliance at Intelex's 7th User Conference.

Membership is open to EHSQ professionals regardless of the software platform they use. Interested parties can join the EHSQ Alliance group in the EHSQ Community to show their support at

"The ESHQ Alliance is built upon the belief that a collaborative ecosystem of businesses sharing intelligence, will lead to positive change," Jaine said. "We can learn from each other to understand risk in a way that is impossible to achieve alone. As we come together to uncover deeper insights, we will find a clear path to operational excellence, while protecting organizational goodwill and profitability."

Collective intelligence is the key to unlocking the potential that lies dormant in each organization's EHSQ program today. The EHSQ Alliance is a global network connecting companies, industries, markets, and professionals to share anonymized aggregate data and insights that can be utilized at every level of the organization. From benchmarking and industry trends for executive stakeholders, to root cause analysis research for EHSQ managers, to education for the frontline workforce, the EHSQ Alliance will drive unprecedented levels of adoption and enable the kind of transformational change in behavior the industry has, as of yet, been unable to realize.

"The Alliance, born of a long-term strategy to expand the breadth and depth of what we offer our clients, will revolutionize our ability to impact EHSQ outcomes through richer data insights." said Elie Mouzon, Chief Strategy Officer at Intelex. "Similar to the industry-wide transformation that resulted in the early 1900s, from the introduction of safety posters in the work environment, the incremental gains achievable through access to shared data represents the next stage of evolution in EHSQ management."

They both believe goodwill and profitability are intrinsically linked. That it is important to create technology that empowers EHSQ professionals to reinforce a culture of safety, increase environmental awareness, and maintain a quality mindset. Above all, that helping industry professionals drive behavioral change can make a world of difference to their employees and customers.


June 12, 2017 @ 06:23 PM EDT Environment, Health & Safety, Quality

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Tamara Parris
April 11, 2017 @ 03:05 PM EDT