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Don’t Miss Out on Great Intelex Content!

Sandy Smith

Soon, the Intelex Community will transition to a customer-only portal. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on our great content.

Members of the public still will have access to blog posts, white papers, webinars and more from Intelex!

If you are not a customer but still want access to our webinarsInsight ReportsWhite PapersCase StudiesBlogs, and more, please visit and click on Resources.
Here are some examples of recent free content you will find on

Wearables: What You Need to Know

Imagine being able to get instant readouts of a remote worker’s blood pressure and get help to them immediately when the data indicates they’re in trouble. Or having the ability to reduce on-the-job muscle injuries with machines that can be worn and used to help lift the heavy loads that cause such physical ailments. Thanks to a new class of technologies known as “wearables,” such futuristic clothing and equipment is today more reality than fantasy. Organizations are investigating how such gear can help them improve workplace health and safety, and many are already benefitting from them. 

The New Retool: Pivoting Manufacturing to be Ready for Anything

Everywhere we look, we see more innovation and disruption in the manufacturing industry. Digital transformation and disruption through the use of advanced technology such as sensors, cloud computing, machine learning, robotics, smart manufacturing, digital twinning, 3D printing and green manufacturing is key to manufacturing’s continuing ability to drive innovation. These technologies create increased connectedness between humans and machines and drive EHSQ 4.0 and Industry 4.0.

Change Agents: The Role of EHSQ Leaders in the Management of Change

Management of change (MOC) is designed to ensure worker and workplace safety, create resilient business processes, and drive continuous improvement by not allowing change to disrupt business operations. It provides the framework needed to successfully plan for changes to key practices and processes and accelerates the time required to address business-critical issues. EHSQ practitioners must pivot on a regular basis to keep pace with changes in the workplace and workflow, all while minimizing risk. In order to maintain operations with minimal disruption, adopt the practices and tools you’ll find in The Role of EHSQ in Management of Change.

A Roadmap to Sustainable Business: Achieving Regulatory Compliance and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Goals

Environmental regulatory compliance is a vast web of requirements that organizations must abide by in order to meet legal standards and excel in a world that increasingly values sustainable business practices. As detailed in the report, A Roadmap to Sustainable Business: Achieving Regulatory Compliance and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Goals, when one part of the web is damaged, tangled or incomplete, the entire web is at risk. For organizations, this can mean steep environmental fines and a damaged reputation that no CEO wants to experience, and no investor wants to see. 

Continue your EHSQ journey with Intelex and join us on

Update about Community

At Intelex, we constantly strive to improve and enhance our customer experience. As part of that effort, we are transitioning to a vibrant, new Intelex Community that is available to customers only. Customers will be able to find answers to their questions about the Intelex platform and applications, experience increased engagement with experts from Intelex, share tips and tricks with their peers, and find content related to EHSQ thought leadership and events. 

We’ve spent the past year rethinking how to make the Intelex Community a useful tool for our customers: How to harness all of the wisdom that is shared in the Community between users and Intelex experts; how to notify users of updates and changes and new releases; how to engage in a meaningful way with our customers; and how to amplify that sense of community that builds trust and creates a shared experience. 

The new Community portal, which will officially launch in early Q2, includes many of the features you love in the current community – forums where customers can ask and answer questions and access to ServiceNow for technical help – as well as renewed engagement opportunities with Intelex team members and subject matter experts, a user-friendly design, links to the blog, and expanded information and content in our forums. The new Community site also offers access to the Customer Idea Portal, which is so important to many of our customers. 

This Community site will be deprecated in August 2021 and will no longer be accessible. 

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