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Davos World Economic Forum Paves the Way for ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Chris J Ward

The World Economic Forum meeting which recently took place at Davos, is set against a backdrop of a changing world order in trade and development.  Who will emerge as winners and losers over the next 3 to 5 years?  Because of innovative technological developments a ten-year projection is no longer a valid timeline. 

Old trading blocks are dissolving, regressive bureaucratic regimes are trying to fight a read guard action, but the future must always be where like-minded economies group together, based on shared values, to provide for their internal markets and create accelerated growth.  The dividends and benefits of that growth can no longer be purloined by global organisations which require national governments to underwrite them through low cost employment policies.  Exploitation and exported poverty are not morally or ethical business values, these have formed the worst expressions of globalisation in the past. 

So, what of the future?  Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister, speaking recently at Davos said, “We have to do more to help our people in the global changing economy” “…the test of leadership is what actions we take”.  Maybe there will be a reduction in globalised outsourcing to low cost abusive locations, which is surely a good thing. 

Those countries that have national standards’ bodies that have supported and contributed to the formulation of ISO 45001 have made a moral and practical stand for the rights and protections of workers and the responsibilities of organisations and leadership.

USA, Canada and Britain have a common language, cultural norms and a shared history both in times of prosperity and adversity.  US Treasury Secretary, Tony Steven Mnuchin, made it clear UK would be “at the front of the line” when trade negotiations when the UK exits from the EU.  He is reaffirming the tie of the historical, political and trading relationships between our countries.  Canada has negotiated a deal with the EU, but that does not block or hinder trade between them and UK.  Since all these three national standards’ bodies agree with the terms and requirements of ISO 45001 this now sets a level playing field for all organisations within these economies to embrace new standards and norms which will be for the greater benefit to organisations, economies and workers.

This is merely an example of how regionalisation versus globalisation can be a force for good.  However, it does not exclude the likelihood or possibility of multi-faceted inter organisational cooperation on a global scale, but the proviso is the common denomination of the values enshrined in ISO 45001.

February 08, 2018 @ 09:22 AM EST Health & Safety

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