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The Connected Worker: A Roadmap for Preparing Your Organization for New Technology to Reduce Safety Risks

Sandy Smith

Your workers are already connected to each other and to a vast world of information in their personal lives. Why not use that connectivity to improve their safety in the workplace?

If you polled your workforce, you probably would find that most of your workers are “connected.” Smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, smart watches and fitness trackers are ubiquitous; connecting us to the internet, to each other, to our personal computers, to our gaming systems and our cars, not to mention our home security cameras, our thermostats, and even our refrigerators.

For many of us, the workplace is where we’re least connected; where we’ve found the fewest uses for our powerful pocket computers. In fact, in many workplaces, smart phones are viewed as productivity-inhibiting distractions or cybersecurity risks. EHS managers also may view them as potentially hazardous, not only for the distractions they create but also because they can be difficult to clean or disinfect, or because their intrinsically safe or explosion-proof status is unclear. For these and other reasons, the use of electronic devices at work has been limited.

But for a few organizations on the leading edge of the new Industrial Revolution - the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIOT - that’s beginning to change. Those companies are leveraging the devices that workers already know how to use, the software systems that already are in place, and new technology that bridges the gaps between consumer use and business application to create a connected workforce that is more engaged and more productive than ever. EHS managers don’t need to watch these organizational changes from the sidelines; the connected worker also can be a safer worker.

In the new Insight Report from Intelex and BLR, The Connected Worker: A Roadmap for Preparing Your Organization for New Technology to Reduce Safety Risks, you'll learn about how to get your workplace ready to connect your people, process, and tools throughout the organization, and to ask such important questions as: 

  • Will my workers embrace connected technology?
  • Do we have good process that support connected workers?
  • Do we have existing technology that we can use? 
  • Can our IT department support this? 


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August 19, 2019 @ 09:00 AM EDT Manufacturing, Metals and Mining, Construction, Energy - Oil and Gas Health & Safety

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