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Best Practices, Brexit and Safety Strategies: The Monthly Round Up of Affiliate Articles

Sandy Smith

Intelex has partnered with a number of thought leaders to provide EHSQ professionals with advice, insight and best practices related to Environment, Health & Safety and Quality. If you missed an article, now is your chance to catch up on what’s new. Just click on the links to find great content!

Taiwan Proposes Significant Changes for New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration
Taiwan issued the Proposed Amendment to Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act (the Act) and the Proposed Amendment to Regulation for New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration (the Regulation). If adopted, the amended Act and revised Regulation would impose more stringent requirements on companies that handle toxic chemicals and on manufacturers and importers of new and existing chemical substances.

Free Interactive SDS Tool
The Dutch Labour Inspectorate released an interactive SDS tool to help users check SDS information and send feedback to the appropriate supplier.

Cold Stress: Your Winter Safety Guide
Cold stress can lead to serious conditions, but can be managed with training, simple engineering controls and frequent breaks in a warm area.

Best Practice Solutions Series Volumes 1-3
Here are best practice solutions for handling staffing challenges, preparing for the impacts of acquisitions/mergers and divestitures/de-mergers, and getting leadership commitment.  

The Two Biggest Challenges to Creating an Environment That's Truly Safe
What is safe? If you aren’t asking this question, you might be facing more risk than you think.

Root Cause Analysis Tip: Why Investigate Near Misses?
Why are near misses important to investigate? TapRooT® provides an answer. 

OSHA’s Fatal Four Construction Hazards: How to Protect Workers
There’s no single method for controlling OSHA’s Fatal Four construction hazards. Keeping workers safe on the construction site starts with a strong hazard assessment, management leadership and employee involvement.

Volume 2: Complying with Environmental, Health and Safety Requirements for Activities Involving Hazardous Chemicals
This is the second book in a multi-part series explaining the regulations triggered when your organization acquires and uses chemicals. This volume focuses on worker protection, emergency planning and community right-to-know, and fire/building codes. 

Brexit Update: UK Authorities Provide Guidance in Case of ‘No Deal’ Scenario; Draft UK REACH Published
If the UK leaves the EU without securing a formal withdrawal agreement, what happens next?

If It Is A Question of Metering, The Answer Should Be ‘Yes’
Insight into how metering relates to energy management and Industry 4.0. 

Can You Find A Deviation, Defect, or Quality Escape Causal Factor?
There is usually more than one Causal Factor that caused the defect, failed to catch/stop the defect, or failed to mitigate the quality escape when the defect reached the customer. 

Irwin & Colton Safety Byte: How to Create a Successful Health and Safety Strategy
In this Safety Byte, Irwin & Colton meet with John Dunne, HSEQ Director at Wates Group, to discuss how to create a successful health and safety strategy. John offers his insight into creating, implementing and communicating a successful health and safety strategy. The Wates Group is one of the largest family owned construction, property services and development companies in the United Kingdom. 


February 04, 2019 @ 01:43 PM EST Manufacturing, Construction, Energy - Oil and Gas, Chemical Environment, Health & Safety, Quality

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