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Are you sure your Workforce is protected from Musculoskeletal Disorders?

Tamara Parris

It takes planning and execution to ensure your program has considered the long term impact of equipment use by your work force.

The question remains, how are you sure if your workforce is well protected from MSD's?

We had a great member discussion with Community Experts Michael Kim and Matthew Marino the other week.During our group discussion about the impact of Musculoskeletal Disorders on our businesses and workforce. 
they shared insights to better understand Musculoskeletal Disorders. Our industry experts suggested to consider these core areas; 1) Injuries, effects, and costs on system 2) Risks and demands of the job, and 3) Biomarkers for injury

Mike shared with the group some information from Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index of 2017 . here is the url to the report:

They also shares several best practices to cosider when engaging with our workforce to help identify concerns and protect our teams:

1.Using Proactive over Reactive methods.
2.Listen and learn from our workers; how do they use their bodies during work?, what current pains or strains they are experiencing?
3.Collecting and using data to identify leading indicators for injury.
4.Choose a model that is scalable to your company and workforce.

Our members learned how other members currently are resolving their own workplace concerns in this area. Mike and Matt shared several Best Practices to help members protect their Workforce. We also learned about new Solutions and Technologies to assess and reduce MSD Risks in our workpllaces.

Post you thoughts in the comments below, please. If you want to here the recording of our live member discussion, follow this link:

September 30, 2017 @ 02:37 PM EDT Health & Safety, Operations, Risk Management

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