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10 Tips To Help Keep Trick or Treaters Safe this Halloween

Sandy Smith

The American Red Cross offers these 10 tips to protect trick or treaters.

Halloween, one of the most popular holidays in the United States, is just a day away. Little witches, ghosts, pirates and super heroes will soon take to the streets for trick or treat fun, and the American Red Cross has tips to help everyone stay safe while enjoying the festivities.




Here are the top tips for parents to keep in mind while getting kids ready for Halloween: 

  1. Make sure trick-or-treaters can see and be seen. Use face makeup instead of masks. Masks can make it hard to see. Give kids a flashlight to light their way. Add reflective tape to costumes and trick-or-treat bags. Have everyone wear light-colored clothing.
  2. Use flame-resistant costumes.
  3. Plan the trick-or-treat route in advance. Make sure adults know where their children are going. A parent or responsible adult should accompany young children door-to-door in neighborhoods.
  4. It's not only vampires and monsters people have to look out for. Be cautious around animals, especially dogs.
  5. Walk, don’t run.
  6. Only visit homes that have a porch light on. Accept treats at the door – never go inside.
  7. Walk only on the sidewalks, not in the street. If no sidewalk is available, walk at the edge of the roadway, facing traffic. Look both ways before crossing the street, and cross only at the corner. Don't cut across yards or use alleys. Don't cross between parked cars. Use extra caution if driving. The youngsters are excited and may forget to look both ways before crossing.
  8. Make sure a grown-up checks the goodies before eating. Make sure to remove loose candy, open packages and choking hazards. Discard any items with brand names that you are not familiar with. 
  9. For those planning to welcome trick-or-treaters to their homes, light the area well so young visitors can see.
  10. Sweep leaves from your sidewalks and steps. Clear your porch or front yard of obstacles someone could trip over.



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