Industry 4.0 – You Can Get There from Here

EHSQ Alliance Contributor An overall strategy for implementing Industry 4.0 is critical, but one study has shown that only 16 percent of all manufacturers have a strategy in place. By Graham Immerman There is an old New...
June 14, 2019 More

Quality Management Systems Can Promote Sustainability

Nicole Radziwill Trying to roll out sustainability initiatives? Research identifies four main ways quality systems can help you out. Quality is all about making organizations work smoothly -- harmonizing quality and...
June 13, 2019 More

ASSP 2019: Bringing Humanity Back Into Safety

Sandy Smith Are you finding that compliance-driven safety isn’t working at your facility? There might be a reason for that. What is the perception of “the safety guy” (or gal) at your facility? Is the EHS...
June 11, 2019 More

ASSP 2019: Legal and Ethical Considerations for EHS Professionals

Sandy Smith As an EHS professional, did you know that you can be held legally responsible for nearly everything that goes wrong unless you follow appropriate practices? During her presentation, Legal and Ethical...
June 10, 2019 More

Design Debt Can be Disastrous: The 737 MAX Case

Nicole Radziwill The grounding of Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft reveals that safety and quality were systematically and continuously compromised by the manufacturer so that new sales would not be lost. In March 2019, the...
June 06, 2019 More

NIOSH Study Finds Workplace Drug Overdoses Increase 24 Percent Annually

Sandy Smith A new study from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health examines the workers and workplaces affected by substance use on the job. From 1999 to 2017, the number of drug overdose...
June 05, 2019 More

“Walk This Way”: What are Employers’ Walk-Around Rights During OSHA Inspections?

EHSQ Alliance Affiliate Employers have a clear right to be present for OSHA inspections at their worksites and to accompany OSHA inspectors during the walk-around part of the inspection.  By David Klass and Travis Vance...
June 04, 2019 More

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Is Automation the Solution to Human Error?

EHSQ Alliance Affiliate The President of System Improvements, Inc. TapRooT® provides his perspective on the power of automation and the need to recognize the ways that digital technology can serve operators when monitored...
June 03, 2019 More

How to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria

Alexandr Grigoryev When you think of PPE, what do you see? Maybe you see a hard hat. It's a perfect example of protective gear that'll save your employees from nasty accidents This is the sort of thing most people...
June 02, 2019 More

Washington State to Follow California in an Action to Restrict Priority Chemicals

EHSQ Alliance Affiliate When it comes to the use of priority chemicals in products for children and other consumer products, Washington state legislators aim to follow California’s example. Written by Jomarie Garcia, Esq., ...
May 31, 2019 More

How to Stay Safe on Summer Vacation

Alexandr Grigoryev Staying safe is key to having a fun, exciting and enjoyable summer. Who wants to spend the summer in a hospital recovering from a head injury, with a cast on that must be kept dry or feeling nauseous...
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