Why Employers Should Be Screening ‘At Risk’ Laborers for Cancer

Cassandra Kennicot According to global data, the risk of developing cancer now impacts 1 out of every 3 people.  For individuals who are provided access to healthcare insurance through their employer, lower cost scre
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Safety within Critical Discourse Perspectives

Kamran Akhavan Attari This is interdisciplinary of safety documents studies and critical discourse analysis[1].Although I believe this approach can be applied
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Revised CSB Freedom Industries Report Still Leaves Unease

Richard Rosera In general, CSB investigative reports have been lauded, their recommendations taken seriously, and their videos valued as great training aids.  However, the revised Freedom Industries Spill Report 
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Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week

Tamara Parris Creating a workplace that supports mental well-being may sound like a challenging goal, yet it is obtainable with effort.  Here are a few ideas to support mental health in the workplace:
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Will ISO 45001 Solve the Globalisation Deregulation Agenda?

Chris J Ward Takeaway: Deregulation has given rise to a lot of uncertainty about international safety standards. 
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