Faster, Smarter, Accurate EHS Compliance Arrives with ehsAI and Intelex

Rob Harrison Let’s explore how a collection of smart tools, algorithms and the most advanced EHSQ platform in the world combine to solve important problems in an epically reduced timeframe. If you have attended...
October 15, 2019 More

How the Data Revolution is Changing the Safety Professional’s Role

Sandy Smith The safety professional’s goal in an organization has not changed significantly since its inception. The mission of the safety professional is to safeguard workers and contribute to the goals of the...
October 11, 2019 More

The New Intelex-Workday Gateway Takes Silos to Synergy 

Kristen Duda, PE Workday and Intelex Technologies have teamed up to eliminate silos and create synergy, synchronizing data between Workday's human capital management solution and Intelex's EHSQ management system...
October 09, 2019 More

Are Workers Losing Lives and Limbs to Satisfy Production Goals?

Sandy Smith In an article written by Issac Arnsdorf and co-published with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ProPublica highlights the conflict between worker safety and health and production goals at chicken...
October 08, 2019 More

Former OSHA Head Says Contractor Should be Blacklisted for Safety Violations: Can the Government Do That?

EHSQ Alliance Contributor Employers should at least be aware of the fact that blacklisting remains a possible legal maneuver a future administration could choose to unleash. By Patrick Dennison and Travis Vance Harkening back...
October 07, 2019 More

Industry 4.0: Classrooms Go Virtual with ASSP’s Safety Training

Sandy Smith ASSP’s Live Virtual Classroom initiative will enable virtual participants to ask instructors questions in real time, interact with the class and even join small group discussions. The American...
October 04, 2019 More

Ontario Increasing Workplace Safety Inspections

Graham Freeman Targeted workplace inspections by the Ontario Ministry of Labor are part of the provincial government’s Safe at Work Ontario program dedicated to improving worker health and safety and complying with...
October 03, 2019 More

OSHA Implements New Weighting System for Workplace Safety and Health Inspections

Sandy Smith OSHA’s new weighting system will incorporate enforcement activity with essential enforcement support functions such as severe injury reporting and compliance assistance. OSHA has implemented a new...
October 02, 2019 More

A Discussion of Alberta’s Proposed Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction System

EHSQ Alliance Affiliate With any luck, the TIER program will be a robust and credible regulation that provides some level of policy stability beyond the next election cycle.  By Steven Andersen, Managing Director of ...
October 01, 2019 More

ISO 9001 and Top Management Support: What If You Don’t Have It?

Nicky Jaine Top management support for your quality system is essential, but getting it is easier said than done. Read some practical tips for making this happen. By Nicky Jaine Section 5 of the ISO 9001:2015...
September 26, 2019 More

Change Your Culture by Making Employees a Part of Safety Strategy

Sandy Smith New webinar explains why employees support proposals and programs they help to create and offers guidance on achieving employee buy-in for your safety management initiatives. For excellence in any...
September 24, 2019 More

The First Day of Fall (Safety)

Sandy Smith On average, slips, trips and falls cause nearly 700 fatalities per year. Furthermore, twenty percent of the 30,000 forklift accidents that occur each year involve a pedestrian being struck by the...
September 23, 2019 More

Adopting ‘Lean’ Safety Takes You Beyond Compliance

Patricia Panchak How to embed safety into every minute of every day — and continuously improve it. Robert Hafey, a 25-year lean practitioner and consultant with 10 years specializing in safety, is working to change...
September 19, 2019 More